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Administrative Circulars

Sl. No.
File No.
Circular No.
Date of Issue
22 EST-3/3D/CR-03/2017-18 Appointment of Probationary Commercial Tax Officers - Order issued 08/03/2018 View
21 EST-3/3D/CR-03/2017-18 Appointment Order of Commercial Tax Inspectors 2nd Batch Training. 01/02/2018 View
20 EST-3/3D/CR-03/2017-18 Appointment Order of Prob. Commercial Tax Officers 2nd Batch. 01/02/2018 View
19 EST-3/3D/CR-02/2015-16 Appointment Order of Commercial Tax Inspectors 2nd Batch. 29/01/2018 View
18 Adcom (R & R)/STP/CR-13/17-18 KGST Act, 2017 - Electronic System to approve enrolment of Goods and Services Tax Practitioners - Reg.. 14/2017-18 22/01/2018 View
17 KSA/GST/CR-108/2017-18 Manual filing and processing of refund claims in respect of zero-rated supplies. 13/2017-18 09/01/2018 View
16 KSA/GST/CR-108/2017-18 Filing of returns under GST 12/2017-18 02/01/2018 View
15 EST-3/3D/CR-02/2015-16 Appointment of Probationary Commercial Tax Inspector - Order issued 21/12/2017 View
14 EST-3/3A/CR-03/2017-8 Appointment of Second Division Assistant - Order issued 13/12/2017 View
13 EST-3/3A/CR-03/2017-8 Appointment of Probationary Commercial Tax Officers - Order issued. 13/11/2017 View
12 FD 172 CTC 2017 Appointment of Probationary Asst. Commr. of Comml. Taxes - Order issued. 11/10/2017 View
11 ADT/GST/NewHOA/2017-18 Implementation of GST in the State - Introduction of New Head of Account for incurring /accounitng expenditure of this Department. 11/2017-18 05/12/2017 View
10 JCCT (LA)/CR 02/2017-18 Disposal of remaded cases without delay under different Acts administered by the Department - certain instructions 10/2017-18 09/10/2017 View
09 Adcom (LA)/CR 01/2017-18 Certain guidelines in the light of the judgement of the Hon'ble Supreme Court in the case of State of Karnataka Vs M/s. M.K.Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd., 09/2017-18 09/10/2017 View
08 KGST/CR/55/2017-18 Issue of Registration to dealers in fireworks (firecrackers) 08/2017-18 18/09/2017 View
007 KSA/GST/CR 02/2017-18 Deduction of Tax at Source (TDS) in respect of works contract executed prior to 30/06/2017 for which payment to be made from 01/07/2017 on wards & tax rate applicable for TDS 07/2017-18 18/07/2017 View
006 KSA/GST/CR 05/2017-18 Submission of Bond/Letter of undertaking by the Exporter in respect of Exports without payment of IGST under IGST Act 06/2017-18 13/07/2017 View
005 CLR/CR/52/2015-16 Clarification on certain issues regarding Revised Return, claim of Input Tax Credit 05/2017-18 12/06/2017 View
004 C.3/3F/CR 04/2017-18 To install Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Photo in all the offices 04/2017-18 15/06/2017 View
003 WP/33287/2016-17 Creation of Monitoring Cell for the speedy disposal of Revision & Appeal cases 03/2017-18 25/05/2017 View
002 ACCT/(EXP-2)/CR/01/2017-18 Instructions regarding carrying out all financial activities at Khajane 2 portal 02/2017-18 22/04/2017 View
001 KSA.CR.101/2016-17 Karasamadhan Scheme-2017- Instructions of CCT 01/2017-18 10/04/2017 View