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BAS Web - Web based Business Accounting system – Web BAS, Business Accounting system, is a web based system for the small and medium business communities to maintain his books of accounts of his business. This system enables him to take care of maintaining and generating the books and registers as per the accounting rules. It also helps him to monitoring the business. It has the following features:

Business Features

Managing the Business

Automate, manage and monitor all the activities and functions of the business.

Financial Accounting

Record the various types of payment, receipts, sales and purchases

Managing Inventory

Automate maintenance of the stock position for the products.

Tracking Receivables and Payables

Track the amount receivables from the sales and amount payables for purchases.


Maintain the records and registers of the accounts, inventories, employees, taxes, etc.

Operational Features

User Friendly

Simple and easy to use. No specialised skill is required to use this system.

Anytime and Anywhere

Manage the business anytime & from anywhere

Checks and Balances

Incorporated with number of checks and balances so that it assists the user in following the procedure.

Generic System

Any medium and small enterprise of any business sector can use.

Configurable System

Configurable by the tax payer as per his requirement to use the accounting system.

Customizable Invoice Format

Facilitates to customise invoice/bill format for printing, using various invoice templates.

Use Online and Offline

Use this system online (auto/realtime basis) or Offline (end of the day).

Local Language Support

Configure for local language display.

No need of Accounting Knowledge

One need not have the accounting knowledge to handle this system.

Tax Compliance Features

GST Compliance

Compliant with GST requirement in invoice maintenance, return generation, tax calculation, etc.

Other Tax/Fund Compliance

Facilitates the tax payer to comply to the taxes, fees and funds of the other regulatory departments like IT, PT, EPF, etc.

Generating GST Returns

Generate the GST returns to be submitted to GST portal.

Matching ITC

Facilitates to match the Input Tax Credit availed with the supplier entered in the GST portal.


Facilitates the tax payer to generate the GST e-waybill from the GST Common Portal whenever the invoices are being generated.

Other Features

SMS and email communication

Simplify the communication with the clients and suppliers through SMS and email.

Alerts and Notifications

Alerting or notifying the clients on the amount receivables and arrival of new stocks, etc.

Bar Code Interface

Speed up billing process by using the bar coding technique for the inventory items.

No installation challenges

No need to worry about downloading, installing and updating the software application, if accessed through department portal.

Download Application

If required, the tax payer can download and instal the software application on his local system.

Maintenance Free

Free from maintaining the software and data. The updating of the software done by the central team