GST related CCT Circulars

Sl. No.
File No.
Circular No.
Date of Issue
18 KSA/GST/CR-108/2017-18 Certification of amounts eligible as Interest free Loan under the Karnataka Goods and Services Tax Act 2017 as incentives to the Industrial Units under Industrial Policies. 15/2018-19 26/02/2019 View
17 KSA/GST/CR-108/2017-18 Clarification on refund related issues. 14/2018-19 31/12/2018 View
16 KSA/GST/CR-108/2017-18 Clarification on export of services under GST. 13/2018-19 31/12/2018 View
15 KSA/GST/CR-108/2017-18 Denial of composition option by tax authorities and effective date thereof. 12/2018-19 31/12/2018 View
14 KSA/GST/CR-108/2017-18 Clarification on certain issues (sale by government departments to unregistered person; leviability of penalty under section 73(11) of the CGST Act; rate of tax in case of debit notes / credit notes issued under section 142(2) of the CGST Act; applicability of notification No. 50/2018-Central Tax; valuation methodology in case of TCS under Income Tax Act and definition of owner of goods) related to GST. 11/2018-19 31/12/2018 View
13 Adcom (Audit)/PA/CR-94/17-18 Visit to the business premises of the registered persons who are not filing monthly returns in FORM GSTR-3B and not paying the collected taxes. 03/2018-19 06/12/2018 View
12 KSA/GST/CR-108/2017-18 Circular to clarify the procedure in respect of return of time expired drugs or medicines - Reg. 10/2018-19 29/10/2018 View
11 KSA/GST/CR-108/2017-18 Clarification of issues under GST related to casual taxable person and recovery of excess Input Tax Credit distributed by an Input Service distributor - Reg. 09/2018-19 29/10/2018 View
10 KSA/GST/CR-108/2017-18 Clarification on certain issues related to refund - Reg. 08/2018-19 29/10/2018 View
09 KSA/GST/CR-108/2017-18 Processing of applications for cancellation of registration submitted in FORM GST REG-16 -reg. 07/2018-19 29/10/2018 View
08 KGST.CR.35/2018-19 KGST Act, 2017 - Anti Profiteering cases - Inspection/examination and due courses of action thereon. 06/2018-19 25/09/2018 View
07 CCW/CR 35/2017-18 Guidelines on establishment of Integrated Help Desk system. 02/2018-19 17/09/2018 View
06 KSA/GST/CR-108/2017-18 Modification of the procedure for interception of conveyances for inspection of goods in movement, and detention, release and confiscation of such goods and conveyances, as clarified in Circular Nos. 41/15/2018-GST dated 13.04.2018 and 49/23/2018-GST dated 21.06.2018 - regarding. 05/2018-19 17/09/2018 View
05 Adcom (R & R)/STP/CR-13/17-18 KGST Act, 2017 - Electronic System to approve enrolment of Goods and Services Tax Practitioners - Reg. 14/2017-18 22/01/2018 View
04 KSA/GST/CR-108/2017-18 Manual filing and processing of refund claims in respect of zero-rated supplies. 13/2017-18 09/01/2018 View
03 KSA/GST/CR-108/2017-18 Filing of returns under GST 12/2017-18 02/01/2018 View
02 ADT/GST/NewHOA/2017-18 Implementation of GST in the State - Introduction of New Head of Account for incurring /accounitng expenditure of this Department. 11/2017-18 05/12/2017 View
01 KSA/GST/CR 05/2017-18 Submission of Bond/Letter of undertaking by the Exporter in respect of Exports without payment of IGST under IGST Act 06/2017-18 13/07/2017 View