Orders by Appellate Authority for Advance Ruling

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Sl. NO. State/UT Name of Applicant Brief of Order-in-Appeal (OIA) Appeal Order No. & Date View AAR Order No. & Date, against which Appeal has been filed.
03 Karnataka Myntra Designs Private Limited We reject the appeal filed by M/s. Myntra Designs Pvt Ltd and uphold the Advance Ruling No.KAR ADRG 33/2022 dated 14-09-2022 while modifying the findings in the manner discussed in this order. KAR/AAAR/03/2023 dated 24-02-2022 Viewpdficon NO.KAR.ADRG 33/2022 dated 14-09-2022
02 Karnataka Rabia Khanum. We reject the appeal filed by the Assistant Commissioner of Central Tax, Bangalore South Commissionerate and uphold the ruling given by the Authority for Advance Ruling in KAR ADRG 31/2022 dated 8th September 2022. KAR/AAAR/02/2023 dated 14-02-2022 Viewpdficon NO.KAR.ADRG 31/2022 dated 08-09-2022
01 Karnataka The Indian Hume Pipe Company Limited. We uphold the Advance Ruling No.KAR/ADRG 23/2022 dated 12-08-2022 and dismiss the appeal filed by The Indian Hume Pipe Company Limited on all counts. KAR/AAAR/01/2023 dated 07-02-2022 Viewpdficon NO.KAR.ADRG 23/2022 dated 12-08-2022