Profession Tax Notifications

Sl. NO. Subject Notification No. Date of Issue English
08 Removal of Difficulties Order extending last date for payment of tax under KTPTC& E Act, 1976 ( Profession Tax) till 30th June 2021. ROD-Order(02/2021) 31/05/2021 View
07 Extension of date for payment of Professional Tax. ROD-Order(01/2020) 16/04/2020 View
06 Notification for online issue of registration under Profession Tax Act. NO.PT.CR-01/2017-18 16/12/2019 View
05 Notification dated 23-10-2017 for online issue of registration certificate under Profession Tax immediately after submitting the complete and correct information. NO.PT.CR-01/2017-18 23/10/2017 View
04 Notification reg: Professional Tax. NO.FD 95 CSL 2010 15/11/2014 View
03 Notification on K.P.T Act 1976. NO.PT.CR.8/2013-14 05/09/2013 View
02 Notification - Mandatory e-payment under Profession Tax. No.CCW/CR-26/2013-14 29/07/2013 View
01 Notification Under KTPTC Act-1976. No.PT.CR-01/11-12 15/04/2011 View